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Mixed Media Online Class Series

Grow your creative skills, and use your intuition to create authentic, fun, and unique inspirational mixed media art using a proven, and personalized process!

  • Exploring Mixed Media

    Whether you are a beginning or experienced artist, this class sets the foundation for working with mixed media. Students will learn how to create a series of mini studies using a variety of materials to create intuitive compositions, start developing a personal process, and begin discovering a signature style and voice.

  • Handprinted Papers In Mixed Media

    This is probably one of the classes students enjoy the most! As a fine artist, I like to add unique, handprinted papers I have created into my work, and in this class I'll share all the ways you can create piles of beautifully crafted, easy to make, unique handprinted papers for use in your work. It doesn't get anymore unique than this!

  • Mixed Media Impressionist Landscapes

    In this final step, students learn how to take one of their mini studies and create a larger painting from it. I'll share tips for how to use the basics of your mini study, and add to the larger piece with handprinted papers, and layers of texture and design using additional interesting mixed media materials, and tools.

FREE Online Mini Class! What Is Your Creative Voice Trying To Say?

It's a common problem among creatives. They're just not sure what kind of art they should be creating, what speaks to them, and how to pull it all together. In this free mini class, I'll take you through a series of questions to ask yourself, and share tips for discovering exactly what your creative voice is trying to say about who you are as an artist.